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Bienvenue au Manoir de Clerisson !

En Normandie, à Sourdeval près de Mortain et à 1h du Mont-St-Michel et de Granville , nous sommes idéalement situés pour découvrir le mortainais et le PAYS DE LA BAIE DU MONT SAINT MICHEL .

Un loft de charme 4 épis dans la Manche(50) vous attend dans notre authentique manoir du XVe siècle au toit de chaume. un petit dejeuner bio et copieux vous sera servi dans une salle à manger ,où un bon feu de bois vous réchauffera quand le temps est "frisquet "

Activités: pêche (saumons et truites), golf à 6 km, mer à 45 km, tennis à 1 km, voie verte de randonnées ,

chemins creux , véritable cathédrales vertes !!


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Welcome to the Manoir de Clérisson!


Built in the 15th century, when England still laid claimed to this part of France during the 100 Years’ War, the thatched roof house has been lovingly restored with 21st century comforts. We have the top four ‘epis’ classification under the Gîtes de France rating system.


We offer a separate loft that we have designed as a self-contained ‘apartment’ with its own kitchenette, lounge, bathroom and accommodation for three people. Whether you stay in the bedroom or the loft, breakfast is included in the nightly tariff .


To help you start your days with a healthy, hearty breakfast, we offer you a range of French bread, croissants, home-made preserves and flans, as well as yoghurt, juice, fresh fruit, nuts and, of course, tea or coffee. We pride ourselves on using local producers and insist on organic products in everything we present to our guests. During winter months, we supplement the central heating with a big, open wood fire in the dining room.


If you just want to relax, then sit in the garden. Or we’ll loan you bicycles to wander around the local scenery. One of the famous ‘voies vertes’ passes through Sourdeval and allows you to explore the countryside without being troubled by motor vehicles. If the car is your favoured means of transport though, we’re within an easy drive of all the main Norman attractions: Mont St Michel, the ‘D-Day’ beaches, the copperware of Villedieu-les-Poêles or the Bayeux Tapestry. If fishing (trout, salmon) or golf are your thing, those are both local too!


Drop us an email to say when you would like to come and stay!


Manoir de Clérisson
Françoise Boscher
50150 Sourdeval


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